2020/21 Committee

Jules and Steve
Tom (2nd) and James (5th)
Sophie and Anand
Luca (6th)
Tara and Henry
Max (6th) and Leo (4th)
Clemmie and Gary
George (3rd)
Lucy and Chris
William (6th)
Clarissa and Charlie
Milo (1st) and Harry (4th)
Beth and Des
Tommy (5th)
Kate and Joe
Aron (6th)
Kate and Sam
Charlie (6th)
Sam and Richard
William (2nd)
Lohralee and Will
Waldorf (2nd)
Elly and Will
Alex (1st) and James (2nd)
Carol and Wei
Ethan (3rd Form)
Karen and Dev
Hari (5th Form)
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Kate and Sam

Charlie (6th)